Let’s stop thinking about the limitations for electric vehicles and think of the positives. Have you ever been to a large haulier? They often have their own fuel pumps on-site, delivering huge convenience and savings. Though, with such an initial investment, that’s not practical for smaller companies. Now, imagine you had the infrastructure you needed right at your office or factory. Wow, you’re already 80% of the way there!  We can arrange charge points at your premises and your key employee locations, be that at the office or home.

Imagine waking up to hundreds of miles range every morning, and only £5 for a full battery top-up! All you have to do to recharge is simply plug it in. We can even help you put solar panels on your premises so charging your vehicle can be free (at times)! It could power your premises too during dull periods. This is because you can take back any electricity from the vehicle if you’re not using it soon. We don’t offer charging advice as a stand-alone service, but as part of our complete solution. Contact us to discuss!

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