Now more than ever, it is vital that we all do our part in reducing emissions wherever possible. Businesses are striving for sustainability to be in-line with the government’s pledge to reduce CO2. With this pledge comes a ban on the sales of petrol and diesel cars from 2035, more Ultra-Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) introduced, and higher Company Car Tax for polluting vehicles. These factors should be setting people on the right tracks to get on board with green practices, and that’s where green employee cars through salary sacrifice can give you a head start.

Our sister company, Fleet Evolution, supply salary sacrifice cars for businesses of any size.

What is Salary Sacrifice?

Salary sacrifice is a tax benefit scheme where you can give up a portion of your gross salary in exchange for a brand new, fully maintained car. With the scheme, you make loads of savings. You save on Income Tax, National Insurance, and VAT (if you can reclaim). You can actually get brand new cars for up to 45% less than retail cost. With electric vehicles, you won’t be paying any company car tax until 2021. Even then, you’ll only pay 1%, rising to 2% for 2022! The lower the CO2 emissions of the car, the less you’ll be paying in company car tax.

What’s in it for You?

Along with all the savings we’ve mentioned, there are so many more benefits! For example, we give a free home charge point to drivers who order electric cars (subject to survey). As well, if a business takes on a number of electric cars, we’ll install a workplace charger for you, free of  charge! We also offer Electric Flex, which essentially allows you to swap your EV out for a few days for a petrol or diesel car for the longer trips. The cost of this is built into your all-inclusive contract!