Licence Checking

If you have employees who need to drive on company business, it’s up to you to check if the employee is “fit for the purpose”.

The starting point for this is checking their licence to ensure they hold a valid licence for the vehicle they are driving, and that it is up to date. Legally, if you check a paper copy of the licence, you have probably done enough, so long as the employee has verified that it’s up to date. However, it’s often simpler, and more compliant, to check a licence with DVLA. 

We can handle your licence checking for you. Your colleague is sent an email where they authorise us to act on your behalf verifying information with DVLA. We can then check their licence details at any point, retrieving the most accurate information DVLA have on them at any point. This not only ensures compliance with HSE guidelines but also saves you significant time, in addition to protecting you from avoidable accident costs. 7% of motorists have penalty points, which increases risk and can invalidate insurance; without a real-time check, you may never know.

Additionally, we also offer services from eyesight checks, vehicle checks, policy construction, and permit to drive to ensure you meet current regulations and ensure you’re not exposed to unexpected costs.