Occupational Road Risk Management is a multi-facetted beast. You already have all the information you need to identify the risks at your fingertips, but you probably don’t have the time to crunch all the information into something meaningful.

Our tools automatically collate information, such as fines, accident data, licence checks, and more. We then profile your team, identifying any who may need additional coaching or different considerations when allocating a vehicle.

We can’t prevent accidents, but we can reduce them. It is estimated that every 35 times a driver makes an error, they will have a near miss. For every 35 near misses, there may be a serious issue. The variable is the skill or the attention, and both can be trained/managed. For example, something as simple as changing driver work patterns or building in breaks can have a significant impact. However, without the data, you can’t identify where to begin. This is where we can help.