Whether you own or lease your fleet, the end of life process is vitally important. Sell a vehicle in poor condition and you lose a fortune. Similarly, if you lease and do not ensure any damage outside of a companies return policy is repaired adequately, you could be hit with a high end of contract penalty.

A simple de-fleet process may cost you a few hundred pounds but could make a difference of ten times that on the sale value. This will impact you whether you own the vehicle or pay a lease companies penalties.

Fuel Management

Fuel is often the second biggest fleet expense, controlling it is vital. We can recommend strategies to highlight and control any anomalies, from those with a heavy right foot to those who never stray from the motorway.

We have state of the art reporting and consolidate fuel spend for you. This is backed up by employee education and innovative ways to ensure your team focus on the economy, with the right fuel and vehicle strategy to deliver this.

Fine Management

As part of our fleet management services, we can also manage fines for you. When combined with our risk management, this can be especially effective. At a basic level, this moves the admin from you to us, while also adding a level of scrutiny to ensure any penalties issued are valid.