The HSE classes any vehicle used on company business as a workplace, this means any vehicle, not just company cars. “Company business” means any trip other than commuting. So, even a short drive to the post office counts. Once you’re “driving at work”, it’s up to you to ensure the vehicle and driver are “fit for purpose”. The HSE demands you have the following:

  • A robust safety policy.
  • An audit trail of its communication and enforcement, it’s not enough to just have a great policy.
  • A process to review and update it.

In theory, risk management is simple. However, there are numerous legislative tools and statues to enforce the above. If you want further information on any of the below, click the icon beside them.

There are numerous other acts and announcements on the HSE website. Now, we have clarified that ANY vehicle driven on company business is classed as a workplace. Potentially, this means a number of unchecked workplaces are whizzing around the country at speed with unchecked operators, coming into contact with the public in carparks, motorways, and many other settings. Are you starting to see how heavy HSE classing cars in this way can become? We can manage all of this for you simply, and most importantly, actually save you money.